Dress to Impress in Land, Water or in the Air: Know all About Fashion and Comfort while Traveling

Summer is at its full swing. Many of us are thinking or have already booked their holidays at the sea. What we have to know about fashion and comfort when traveling and at the seaside?

If you love looking perfect and even more love feeling comfortable, then this post if for you.

Traveling can be intimidating from time to time and sometimes how we look is less important than how we feel in the clothes. Here is the ultimate guide to the comfort of the traveller-fashionista

Feet: Of course, high heels nice, makeup and tight dresses are cool and sexy, but imagine having a 3 hour flight to your destination, walking miles in the airport in … high heels. Not very comfy, I agree. When traveling, give the priority to comfort, we will take care of the style of it. Check out our top 3 sneakers for traveling.

Body: Give priority to loose tees, preferably made of cotton or other natural material. Since you don’t know about the temperatures and the airports and in between, you can also consider layering. Always take one spare tee with you, in case your flight is late and you want to freshen up, or you accidentally spill coffee on you :) Check these comfortable t-shirts and order your own now.



Face: Sunscreen? Yes. Moisturiser? Yes. Not too much make-up? Yes. Do not forget to protect your eyes with one of those sunglasses.

Head: wear a cap or a hat to protect your head and hair from the sun. Here are some stylish options.

If you are the style addict and love dressing up, summer or winter makes no difference, as you are the one who has to look perfect even at the hottest and at the freezing cold. Stay trendy and define your style. Check our shop for more cool ideas

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