Fashion Body Style Guide - Hourglass Shaped Body

Every outfit is meant to be for some specific body shape. You just have to know whether yours is made for the outfit or not. We are here to guide you on how to glamorize your beautiful body shape with perfect outfits. Let's talk about a sexy body shape today. Hourglass! Have you seen Marilyn Monroe lately? That's the hourglass figure we are talking about.

Hourglass figure is considered a curvaceous and feminine body shape with curves in the right places.

How do you know you have an hourglass figure?

  • You will have equal width shoulders and hips.
  • Your waist is defined
  • Your bust area is large
  • You can say your body is curvy

Tips to style hourglass figure the right way

  • The first rule to dress up an hourglass figure is to follow your natural silhouette and make sure you don't unbalance your body frame.
  • Choose outfits that accentuate your waist and draw spectators' attention towards your waist.
  • Play with lines and patterns to give your curves and body definition.

Outfits for Hourglass Figure

Now you know you have an hourglass figure. It's time to understand how to choose outfits for your body. We have selected some of the outfits from our collection that will give your hourglass figure the attention it deserves.

Let's start from the top

You have curves that doesn't mean you have to wear loose, shapeless tops. To tell you the truth, fitted tops look best on an hourglass frame.

Our Guess Women's Sweater Black top will look outstanding on your curves. It's sleeveless, and the elastic material gives your body definition.

Next in line is the Guess Women's Sweater that comes in two colors, red and black. The keyhole in the top will accentuate your waist and give your body a fantastic shape.

Try our Sloggi Women's Ever Fresh Shirt White. It will draw the focus towards your defined waist and away from your hips.

Jacket that will look beautiful

In winter style, your outfits with trendy jackets that will give your body shape and extra definition.

This Emporio Armani Women's Jacket Black with gold studs will make you look stylish is a must in your wardrobe. The edges will give your beautiful figure details.


Belted jackets will accentuate your waist and give your hourglass body a defined shape. This Armani Jeans belted jacket is a must this winter for your wardrobe.

A long jacket gives an illusion that you have long legs. Our Armani Jeans long jacket with a belt gives you the waist and long legs.

Jeans that suits hourglass figure best

We have a fabulous jeans collection that will show off your body curves in a beautiful way.

Armani Exchange Women's Jeans White is a high waist jeans that will define your waist and give your legs a mile-long look.

This green Armani Jeans will look great on an hourglass figure. The wide leg look lends proportion to the lower half of your body.

Dresses that fit just right!

An hourglass figure looks astonishing in the right dress. We have a collection of dresses that will look lovely on your curves.

Guess Women's Dress Black will do wonders for your curves. The floral print and fitting waist will give your curves definition.

Do you know a sheath dress could do wonders for your hourglass figure? Try our Guess Women's Dress in red and black color. The soft fabric with gold studs will give you a stylish and glamorous look.

Accessories that make you look stunning

Let's start with the belts! Belts are your best friend. They will define your waist and make your overall appearance stunning. Wear stylish earrings that draw attention towards your face and gorgeous neckline.

When it comes to footwear, we have the perfect item in our collection. These Prada Women's Heels with pointed toes will make your legs look long.

What we think of hourglass body

You are perfect, whatever body shape you have. You can create or slim curves with the right outfit. Hourglass figure Is the epitome example of a feminine figure with curves in all the right places. All you need is outfits that accentuate your body, belts that define your waist, pointed toe heels in nude to make your legs look tall, and Viola! You are ready for a night out.

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