Fashion Body Style Guide - Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

Do you admire the famous actor, The Rock or Vin Diesel? Do you want that type of physique too? But a bit confused about which kind of structure they have?

They carry the manliest structure every man can desire. It is known as the inverted triangle shaped body, which is broader from the shoulders and chest with a small bottom.

You can identify these characteristics.

  • The measurement of the shoulder and chest is broad.
  • You have right bulky muscles on arms, chest, and shoulders just like good trainers have The waistline and hips are narrow with chicken legs.
  • Significantly the upper body is broader than the lower body.

Which type of clothing inverted shape should accentuate?

You need to emphasize your upper body because it is the focal point; therefore, wear the right choice and in the right proportion. You don't want to make your lower part of the body look bulky by wearing the wrong clothing selection.

You spent weeks to get this type of body structure, so choosing clothes can be quite challenging. But this is the time to show off your muscles by wearing skin fit clothes.

Horizontal Stripes

The strips always worked for every structure, whether vertical or horizontal. in An inverted triangle shape, the stripes that will look good are the horizontal ones. It gives your body a broader look, so if the lines are below the chest, which will provide the full illusion to the narrow waistline.

K-Swiss Men's Striped shirt is the perfect example to show off your muscles in the upper body with the illusion of a narrow waistline.

Tailored Shirts

Do you want to show off your muscles that you attain by working out 2 hours at the gym? Then it is the right time to wear skin fit shirts so you can exhibit your broad shoulders and chest. The tailored shirts will portray your figure prominently, but remember to go one size up or either you will be screaming your lungs out.

Armani Exchange Men's Shirt fitted according to the size, will flawlessly flaunt your body structure.

Slim Fit Polo Shirts

Polo shirts never get old or out of fashion; instead, it is the trendiest look a one can wear. The polo shirt fabric stretches around the shoulders and comes downwards to the waistline with the tailored effect. It precisely gives depth to the body structure. 

The ​Lacoste Men's Polo Shirt is the perfect match for the inverted triangle body, which gives the right proportion to it.


T-shirts are one of the comfiest clothing a person can have, but if you wear it according to fad and body type, it will be a ten on ten glimpses. The regular v neck t-shirts give your body a proper balance. It will take the eyes off from the broad torso while v neck will provide an overall look to your body.

Check out this grey tone printed ​Armani Exchange Men's T-shirt​, which is made exactly for what our body type requires.


The jackets worn in winter should be according to the silhouette because it enhances the look of a person. The tailored jackets are the perfect choice for an inverted triangle body. It shows the difference between the shoulders and waistline. The padding is not a good option at all, so avoid it.

Geographical Norway Men's Jacket​ is the right choice to accentuate your body and tailored fit can show off your silhouette.


Men have limited things to wear down on their legs, and that is jeans, but which type of jeans is a big question?

For an inverted triangle body where the upper body is substantial, skinny jeans fit flawlessly. It will give an accurate balance to the body. If you wear straight jeans, it will provide a bulkier look down, therefore choose wisely.

The ​Diesel Men's Jeans that are skin-fit to your legs will flaunt your look into an accurate balance of the body.


The athlete's body or trainer body needs some roomy trouser around the groin area. To find the perfect piece of trouser is to measure the are between waistband and crotch.

Armani jeans trouser​ can be worn to bring proportion to the body without looking heavier on the lower body.

What are the thoughts about inverted triangle shape body?

The rules to style your inverted triangle silhouette: balance the lower part with the upper part of the body. You can wear tailored shirts, t-shirts, and jackets with skinny fit jeans and trousers.

Your body can look bulkier from the top if not styled smartly.

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