Fashion Body Style Guide - Straight Shaped Body

Do you know why it is essential to style your body according to shape? When each body has different shapes, it's impossible that the same outfit will look good on each.

Each unique body shape requires a unique style, pattern, and outfit. If your body looks like Kate Middleton, then it's what we call a straight or rectangular shape body. We have assembled a guideline that will help you in highlighting your strong features and the outfits we suggest will give your body the shape of your dreams.

Let's talk about how you will measure straight body shape

Straight body or rectangular figure refers to an athletic or model silhouette. You can determine your body shape is straight if:

  • Your shoulders, hips, and waist are all in uniform with each other
  • Your waist is not curvy but rather straight
  • Your bust area is small

Some exclusive tips for your straight figure

  • When choosing an outfit, your focus should be on creating a balanced silhouette.
  • Focus in creating curves to define your waist
  • Wear well-structured outfits
  • Play with prints and lines to accentuate your strong attributes
  • Use bright colors on your upper and lower body but avoid your waist

Perfect tops for the straight body shape

One of the perks of a rectangular silhouette is you have ample choice in outfits. You can decide which body part you want to highlight. Let's start with the perfect tops in our collection.

Try this Armani Exchange Women's Top White. The broad neckline will keep the focus on your collar bone. The flare in the sleeves will draw the eyes upwards.

Armani Exchange Women's Top Blue with V neckline will highlight your beauty lines. The flare on the waist will add some curve to your waist area.

Jeans that suits straight body shape

Jeans are a must in the western women wardrobe. They work as casual and even semi-formal. You can pair them with a stunning top and some classy jewelry to look like a model.

This Tommy Hilfiger Women's Jeans Blue high waist jeans will look stunning on your straight silhouette. The added logos will give you a trendy and stylish look.

Guess Women's BCGY Jeans Grey will add a flare to your body, and it pairs well with your favorite boots.

Dresses that sparkle straight figure

The challenging part of styling a straight shaped body is to choose from the wide collection. We have a huge collection of dresses that will go perfectly with your body shape, but here are few that will look the best.

This Guess Women's Dress Black fit and flare dress with V neckline, and floral design will look stunning on your straight silhouette.

If you want to add some curves to your straight figure, try this Guess Women's Dress Black with a gold belt and flowy skirt.

Accessories for your outfits

Accessories give any outfits some extra that is much needed. Use belt and scarves to give your outfit some volume and definition. We have a wide selection of boots that will go perfectly with your outfit.

Xti Women's Ankle Boots in black and red will look stunning with any jeans and tops, making your legs mile long.

What we think about straight figure

Your straight body shape is a blessing because you style it whatever way you want. You can add as many curves or volume on any part, and there is no need to slim any body feature. Choose an outfit from our collection and rock the world like you mean it.

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