Fashion Body Style Guide - Trapezoid Shaped Body

Nowadays, people are learning and trying about a new diet plan. They wanted to be fitter and smarter, like the one they admire.

Do you know Sam as women, men also have an ideal body shape and the desire to have it? Do you get inspiration from Daniel Crag and Gerad Butler? Do you want a celebrity figure? Which type of body is this?

This body shape is known as the trapezoid shape body. It is the ideal figure, every man wants. It is broader from the top and narrows from the bottom.

You can identify these characteristics.

  • The upper part of the body is larger than the lower part of the body.
  • Broader chest and shoulders
  • The narrow waistline and hips
  • Overall the body is well balanced from top to bottom.

What clothing does trapezoid shape the body should accentuate?

Your body structure is the easiest in means of dressing. You can select a variety of different styles. But the exciting fact is you can fit in any of the forms.

One thing to look forward to is your height; it plays a vital role in this body type. As if your legs are longer than chose trousers wisely to bring the proportion in your body.

Tailored Shirts

You are lucky to have a body structure like a trapezoid, therefore enjoy every style of clothing that suits you. Always wear the shirt that fits you perfectly and showing off your perfect body structure.

The Armani Exchange Men's collar shirt is the perfect match to show off your handsome, manly figure.

Printed Shirts

You are the perfect fit to wear the clothes you like. Don't wait for any party or date; just wear bold colours and patterns to enhance your structure. The designs can brighten up your entire look, wear it without worrying.

The small Armani Exchange Men's pattern shirts make your body structure more contoured.


Men wanted to be dressed in t-shirts all the time because of their soft clothe. If you have a trapezoid body shape, then don't worry and wear body hugged t-shirts to flaunt your physique.

The beautiful body hugged Versace Men's Tshirt will flawlessly flaunt your silhouette.

Polo Shirts

 Suppose you want to have a trendier and a smarter look, both at the same time. Then pair your jeans with a solid coloured polo shirt. It fits faultlessly, giving coverage to the shoulders and taper down with the sleeker tinge.

The solid colour Napapijri Men's Polo Shirt with full coverage shoulders will taper down in a slim figure.


For trapezoid body type, the jackets with padding are a terrible option as they will drop your shape and make you bulky. The body structure you own is the ideal of all. Suit jackets or blazers are the best options for you. It gives your shoulders a more extensive look with a slimmer waist.

Don't wear long coats, chose the jacket that ends up at your hips because your structure is to select the minimum.

The Armani Jacket is made for your trapezoid figure.



It would be best if you opted for a tailored pair of jeans. Otherwise, the wrong fitted jeans will spoil the overall look. The straight jeans are the perfect option for your silhouette. Keep in mind not to wear skin fit jeans because it will make your narrow waist and hips look thinner.

The Diesel's Men's Mharky Jeans will give your legs a slimmer look.



The comfortable and simplest clothes to wear all the time is trousers because of the soft cloth. Straight pants are the best option with dark colours paired with light shirts. The trouser should be of the length of the ankle as it will balance your upper body.

Armani Exchange Men's Trouser is the one that will give proportion to your body.

What are the final thoughts about trapezoid body shape?

The trapezoid is the perfect shaped body of men with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. You can select any type of dree you like to choose.

You should try to wear fitted clothes. Avoid baggy clothes will make you look bulkier with straight and dark coloured pants. Pair up your light tone shirts with dark colour trousers to enhance your silhouette.

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