Fashion Body Style Guide - Pear Shaped Body

Ever wonder what body shape you are? What clothes suit your body and which colors emphasize your features. Have you seen Jennifer Lopez, America Ferrera, and Rihanna? If you resemble these beautiful celebrities, it means you have a pear-shaped body. 

Let's see how a pear-shaped body look like

  • A pear-shaped or triangular body has more full thighs and hips than chest and shoulder.
  • Your waist is narrower than your hips.

Are you still confused about your body shape? Here is a trick measure your hips and shoulders if the former is wider than later by five percent, it's evident you have a pear-shaped body structure.

Tips for a Pear Shaped Body

Balance your body structure

Your bone structure determines your body shape, not your weight. Dress in a way that balances your bust, waist, shoulders, and hips. How? Keep reading to know all the tricks.

Eye Catching

Do you know you can focus your spectator's eye to your best features? Use lines not only to arrest focus but for creating curves and emphasizing your favorite body features.  

Use colors

Patterns and lines are eye-catching, and bright colors attract more focus than solids. 

Let's get to the fun part of how to choose your wardrobe that accentuates your lovely body.

Tops that will accentuate your body shape

Pear-shaped women are not gifted in the bust region. To emphasize your top half and slim waist, use print or colors that are light and bright.

We have a wide range of clothes that will help you highlight your best body features. 

Our Armani Exchange Women's T-Shirt Black is an outstanding choice to give your bust some curves, and the boat line broadens your shoulder. Its bright floral design and fabulous fabric give you a classy and stylish look.

This V Neck shirt or any open neckline tops show off your beauty bones and bust area, which draw the eyes up.

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