Football Players: Sportsmen or Style Icons?

The FIFA World Cup 18 is approaching, and many of us can’t wait for it. UK or France, Spain or Argentina we all want out favorite team to do well in this championship in Russia. But why do we support one team and not the other? The country? The outstanding game? The good looks of the footballers? The sense of fashion that those guys are dictating ?

football style

Let’s speak fashion today. Football fashion to be precise. Footballers have mastered using their image to set fashion rules or to endorse a certain brand. On the other hand, brands spare no effort to shine at the spotlight of major sports events, and the World Cup is not an exception.

Nike, Adidas and Puma have long been the providers of national football team t-shirts for squads like England, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy and Japan. No wonder the sales of the brands shoot up and more and more people purchase products to support, or maybe to associate with their favorite team and footballer.

The battle for attention spans outside the stadium as well. While many footballers are subject of admiration and imitation by their fans, brands are the ones using the opportunity to get get the stars to wear their clothing: not only sports brands, but food, gadgets, and many others. And this has become easier today with facebook, instagram and other social media platforms. Sports stars, on their turn sign on endorsements, thus setting the trends in the fashion industry and having their say in what we wear.  

Cristiano Ronaldo, for example is one of the highest paid and one of the most popular football players now, with over 129 million followers on Instagram is one of the trendsetters in hairstyle and fashion. He regularly promotes various products from Nike, Hublot, even KFC.

Other stars who earn a fortune from promoting brands are Paul Pogba, Sergio Ramos and  Radamel Falcao.

Interesting isn’t it? Check out our offers from Nike and Adidas and let us know in the comments what other celebrities you know that promote a certain clothing brand.

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