K-Swiss: The New You

K-Swiss: The New You

With the designs of the trendy Swiss label K-Swiss your feet are always comfortable and happy. The shoes are sporty and stylish, ideal to wear them in your free time. Also you can wear these shoes with almost every outfit you want to wear that day. Come to our webshop to see the trendy shoes and pick your favorite!

New designs by entrepreneurs

K-Swiss was founded in 1966 by two Swiss brothers who wanted to start their own shoe company in California. Back then, they were true ski enthusiasts and therefore got their inspiration from the leather ski boots. This was the beginning of the K-Swiss Classics, the most influential sneakers in the world, with its striking stripes on the side that even won several prizes.

Recently K-Swiss is innovating more to get back on the radar of the fashion world. This way, K-Swiss want to make shoes that are not only used for on the tenniscourt, but also shoe models that can be worn on the street. With these new shoes K-Swiss can now be seen everywhere on the street with the new streetstyle shoes.

Now the trendy label has a collaboration with many entrepreneurs. K-Swiss wants to dress and inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs with their complete line of shoes, sneakers and accessories that are suitable for motivated creatives. The company does this with the ideals of the founders and the lessons learned on the tenniscourt. This way K-Swiss combines a unique knowledge of performance and style to make the perfect footwear. The K-Swiss collection is not only comfortable, but it also ensures the best athletic performance and of course it exudes style and class.

With the new shoes of K-Swiss you can make your outfit more complete, check our webshop for more top labels #Define Your Style.

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