One Century of Providing Comfort. New Balance in Town!

You might have heard about New Balance as one of the cool and stylish firms that dresses sportsmen’s feet since early 20th century. However, there are a few things that you most probable don’t know.

Initially, the footwear was intended to give maximum comfort to professional athletes only, was not sold widely and was aiming to keep the runners feet comfortable. Later, it expanded its target to firefighters and policemen, due to the fact that the shoes were durable and comfortable.

Later in the century, again as the production got to be more known, the shoes were still not sold in stores, rather, traveling salesmen were the walking ambassadors and vendors for the product.

If you appreciate fair trade and domestic production, we have a news that you will love: New Balance is produced exceptionally in the US (no factories in China or other countries) and this is perhaps one of the reasons that the brand is a bit expensive.

And again, unlike many other brands, New Balance never ever engaged in sponsorships or got celebrity endorsements to promote its production. Instead the firm aimed at people differentiating the product for its exceptional quality.

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