Welcome, Bank Holiday!!

Have you ever wondered where does the term “bank holiday” come from? And why do retailers offer sales on that occasion?

There are in general around 8 bank holidays in a year in England and Wales. It all started in 1871, when banks closed down for one day and people could have a day off from their work. Hence the name - Bank Holiday.  Generally bank holidays follow New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, there are bank holidays called Early May Bank Holiday, Spring Bank Holiday, Summer Bank Holiday, as well as Christmas Day and Boxing Day Bank holidays.

As time went by Bank Holidays changed and now those are the holidays when banks, government offices and most of the businesses do not work. Except, retailers perhaps. Taking into account the fact that people do not work on Bank holidays retailers have found myriad ways to motivate them to spend their time off shopping. Special offers, sales and presents for shopping on a Bank Holiday has become an inseparable part of the marketing for retailers.

As time went by, and online shopping became more popular, another niche for retailers opened its opportunities. All the major online platforms offer amazing prices and rewards for shopping with them.

Statistics show that sales go up on those days, and retailers spare no effort to maximize their profit. It looks like it is a win-win situation both for the retailers and for the shoppers, since retailers generate extra income, and shoppers benefit from low prices and presents.

So, since the August bank holiday is here in a blink of an eye, in a few days, check our special offers and prolong your summer for a little bit more. Enjoy shopping with us, stay cool and define your style at amazing prices :)

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