Women! Do You Know Your Body Shape?

Your body is an art, and no matter what body shape you have, you are beautiful. Beautiful looks and alluring personalities are often related to the feminine body. If you have a skinny body, how can you add curves? If you are curvy, how can you slim your figure? We have some easy and quick tips that can add curves and slim your body in seconds. How? Keep on reading, and you will know all the secrets in our closet.

Pear Figure

Pear figure women are found everywhere; it's a common body shape. You have a pear shape if you have large hips, broad shoulders, slim waist, and a tiny bust. 

Accentuate your body features with bright colors and play with lines or patterns to add volume to your bust region. Boat necks and scoop necks showcase your collarbones and attract your spectators' eyes. To complete your overall outlook accessories with belts and bracelets. Choose padded bras when going for lingerie shopping to add volume to your top part. 

If you have a pear-shaped body, avoid balloon dresses, tight skirts, and cigarette pants. They are not made for your body, so stay away from them like the plague.

Apple Shape

How to know you have an apple shape figure. Compared to your hips measurement, you have a larger bust, and your waist is undefined. Your shoulders are round while your legs and arms are slimmer. 

What should you wear? If you have an apple figure, you have a wide range of clothing options that look good on you. Wear fabrics that are soft textured. Opt for A-line or short dresses and tie up shirts below the bust line. They will accentuate your bust. Choose tops that have flare below the hip bone and go for flowy dresses that flare below your bust line. Your necklaces should come to your bust area, not lower, not higher. 

Flared bottom jeans and boot cut jeans will look stunning on your body. Heels, platforms, wedges or sandals choose anything they will look good. However, stay away from tight-fitting clothes, rough-textured fabrics, and shapeless dresses. Moreover, turtle, round, and boat necks are not for your body shape. 

Hourglass Figure

You have an hourglass figure if your bust line and buttocks are well balanced and have a defined waist. Your rounded shoulders are well aligned with your shapely buttocks. Your legs and upper body are in proportion. 

When choosing your wardrobe, keep in mind you have perfect curves. Have you ever seen Kim Kardashian hiding her curves? Wear dresses that accentuate your waist. Opt for flowy dresses, broad belts, wrap around this, we'll fit skirts or pencil skirts. You can rock a ¾ skirts with a side slit-like nobody. Strappy sandals, peep toes, and high heels will look fabulous on your physique. 

Now we know what you should wear, but some dresses are no go for your body shape. These include tops that are shapeless and like with heavy embellishments.

Straight Body Shape

If you have uniform body measurements from top to bottom, you fall in the category of straight body shape. It's a type of body that is often referred to as a supermodel body. The lack of waistline and curves gives this type of silhouette a straight look. 

To give yourself a charming look, wear a tube top and polka dresses. They will highlight your features adding glamour to your physique. Adore it with a fashionable belt, and you will look like a runway model. It will give your spectators a feel that you have an hourglass figure. Experiment with bright colors, different cuts, and textures. Stay away from shapeless dresses and clothes that highlight your waistline.

Oval Body Shape

As an oval shaped body, you will have a larger bust compared to the rest of your body. You will have narrow hips and a full midsection. 

Opt for V neck, U neck, and square tops. Wrap-around tops and skirts can slim down your midsection in summer while jackets look fabulous in winters. To give an overall slim look to your body, wear vertical lines or stripes, tunic tops, or dresses with belts. 

Avoid tapered jeans, shapeless tops, broad stripes, and tight t-shirts. Stay away from chunky jewelry and sturdy footwear. 

Diamond Shaped Body

If you have broad hips and narrow bust, you have a diamond shape body. Your midsection also looks full with an undefined waist. 

While shopping for clothes, keep in mind that to dress well, you have to create an impressive balance with your bust area. Opt for pants and skirts that make your look slimmer. Show off your sexy lower legs by wearing flowy dresses. Wear dark trousers and jeans with strapless or off-shoulder tops. You can look stunning in chunky jewelry and wedges or medium heels.

Pencil skirts, big prints, and tapered jeans are red flags for your type of body. Stay away from thick woolen scarves and heavy boots.

Lollipop Figure

A surprising name for a women figure. What is more surprising is that Angelina Jolie has a lollipop figure. A full round bust, slim waist, and bottom with long legs are the characteristics of a lollipop figure. 

When buying dresses and tops, choose with V necks, boat necks, or off-shoulders that showcase your beauty bones. Summers are perfect to wear flowy dresses and wrap around. At the same time, leather jackets and long coats with belts in winter will give your figure a stunning look. High heels and edges will look spectacular with your mile-long legs. 

Stay away from loose skirts, and chunky jewelry. Turtleneck and empire dresses are simply not for your body.  

All these seven body shoes are beautiful in their way. The right dress, color, and pattern will highlight all your great features. Which body shape are you? We have an outstanding collection that will fill your wardrobe with perfect outfits.

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