YAY! Its School Time Again :)

White and black uniform, backpack, lunchbox, alarm clock… School is calling! We kiss summer goodbye and get ready for yet another year full of expectations and hard work.

The time when kids go back to school is also the time when parents need to buy stationery, clothing and electronics for the new school year. Retailers on their turn try to ease the burden off the shoulders of the parents and offer discounts and special offers.

From “Back to School” to “Back to Cool” and all the variations of style and comfort one can find in the pre-school slogans of the brands.

Of course, the champions in this are shops and platforms that sell school supplies, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks are what’s bought the most. However, fashionistas never forget to dash with their stylish looks on the first day of the school, which means anything stylish and relevant for school will also have a great demand. Check these Skate Shoes on our website, you are going to want one. They are on sale and will be a great addition to the wardrobe of your teen. 

Today all sorts of gadgets also make use of the back to school sale to sell more, as schoolkids won’t leave to school without a tablet or a laptop, and there is no better time to seal a deal for our youngsters. You might find this useful if your teen is a fan of stylish rucksacks.

Taking into account, that in different parts of our world schools open in different times of year, it is safe to say that if you are a global brand, you can almost always have a Back to School offer for your audience :)

So what, buckle up and stay tuned for an amazing academic year ahead. In Style. With us.

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